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AJ Alexander
Miss May 2008
AJ Alexander Datasheet
BIRTHPLACE: Evansville, IN
HEIGHT: 5' 7"
WEIGHT: 113 lbs

About AJ Alexander
AMBITIONS: Furthering my career as a model and actress and at the same time enjoying family life.
TURN-ONS: Honesty, intelligence, romance, a cute smile, athleticism and good communication skills.
TURNOFFS: Dirty shoes, poor oral hygiene, a stuck-up attitude and being insecure and disrespectful.
FIVE ARTISTS I DANCE TO: Sean Paul, Nellie, Fergie, OutKast and Britney Spears, plus many more!
ALL ABOUT MY PET: Her name is Trixi, and she is a toy pinscher. She's the cutest, smartest, best dog!
ADVENTUROUS FOODS I HAVE TRIED: Oysters, squid & frogs legs.
MY DEFINITION OF TRUE HAPPINESS: Seeing the world, enjoying life and moments when I smile so much my cheeks hurt. And being a Playmate.
AJ Alexander
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