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Cara Zavaleta
Miss November 2004
Cara Zavaleta Datasheet
HEIGHT: 5' 6"
WEIGHT: 118 lbs

About Cara Zavaleta
AMBITIONS: To live life fully in the present and enjoy everything it has to offer!
TURN-ONS: Whispering in my ear, nice butts and intelligence.
TURNOFFS: Arrogance, sloth and nail-biting.
SOME BOOKS I AM READING: Marilyn Monroe by Donald Spoto, The Nympho and Other Maniacs by Irving Wallace.
GUILTY PLEASURES: Bingeing on each of the following: Chocolate Hostess cupcakes, US Weekly, E! Entertainment.
LAST FIVE CONCERTS I'VE SEEN: U2, Dave Matthews, Sting, Elton John/Billy Joel and Phish.
IF I WERE AN ANIMAL, I WOULD BE: A cat! Lying on soft pillows, getting brushed and playing with catnip toys sounds great to me!!
Cara Zavaleta
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Cara Zavaleta Cara Zavaleta Cara Zavaleta Cara Zavaleta Cara Zavaleta
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