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Colleen Shannon
Miss January 2004
Colleen Shannon Datasheet
HEIGHT: 5' 2"
WEIGHT: 107 lbs

About Colleen Shannon
AMBITIONS: To challenge my creativity through art, film, music and photography.
TURN-ONS: Vinyl, positivity, supportiveness, artistic abilities, good sense of humor.
TURNOFFS: CDs, negativity, a bad kiss.
FIVE CDS I DON'T GO TO WORK WITHOUT: I make my own special mixes with music ranging from tricky, punk rock, Led Zeppelin and Basement Jaxx to various hip-hop and reggae artists.
IF I HAD MORE TIME, I WOULD: Lock myself in my room and spin records.
FAVORITE FOODS: Sushi, pizza, candy.
THE MOST UNUSUAL PLACE I'VE HAD SEX: A lady never tells....
A PERSON I'D LOVE TO MEET: Jennifer Lopez.
Colleen Shannon
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