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Jaclyn Swedberg
Miss April 2011
Jaclyn Swedberg Datasheet
HEIGHT: 5' 5"
WEIGHT: 106 lbs

About Jaclyn Swedberg
AMBITIONS: To use my new status as Miss April to jump-start my dreams of broadcast journalism.
TURN-ONS: It's such a cliché but it actually turns me on big-time when a guy makes me laugh!
TURNOFFS: I love men with beautiful skin, so please don't give me any grief about using the products I will buy you -- you will be...REWARDED!!
A WARNING: Be sure you have good manners, because if you don't, the reward program STOPS.
READ THIS: I'm an avid reader and have been happy yet terrified to discover the thrilling works of Jack Kilborn. His Afraid made me very afraid indeed.
BLATANT PLUG: I'm not a badass but I'll become one if you don't watch my Playboy TV shows, Okay?!
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