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Jaime Faith Edmondson
Miss January 2010
Jaime Faith Edmondson Datasheet
HEIGHT: 5' 8"
WEIGHT: 125 lbs

About Jaime Faith Edmondson
AMBITIONS: To do a PETA "Angels for Animals" ad, host a sports show and perfect my hair blowout to under 30 minutes.
TURN-ONS: Big trucks, big men, guys who are athletic, tattooed and who can fix ANYTHING!
TURNOFFS: Men who wear bedazzled clothing, men who are easily offended and especially men who are intimidated by me.
THE LOVE OF MY LIFE: Miss Molly, my eight-year-old miniature dachshund -- the most beautiful girl in the world!!!
MY FAVORITE BOOKS: Without a doubt, the Harry Potter series. Why? Because I want to go to Hogwarts...I'm waiting for my letter.
HOW MUCH SEX IS ENOUGH SEX: I prefer quality over quantity. I wouldn't trade great sex once a month for subpar sex seven days a week. It's just not worth taking my clothes off. Sorry!
MY DREAM GIG: I would LOVE to be a Bond girl.
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Jaime Faith Edmondson
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Jaime Faith Edmondson Jaime Faith Edmondson Jaime Faith Edmondson Jaime Faith Edmondson Jaime Faith Edmondson
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