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Kimberly Holland
Miss October 2004
Kimberly Holland Datasheet
HEIGHT: 5' 5"
WEIGHT: 102 lbs

About Kimberly Holland
AMBITIONS: To become successful, enjoy my career, have my own art studio and live somewhere hot by the beach!
TURN-ONS: A great sense of humor, a sexy smile, beautiful eyes and, of course, really good Chinese food!
TURNOFFS: Pickles, goat cheese, the smell of pork rinds, rude sarcasm and coffee breath!
THREE THINGS ON MY NIGHTSTAND: My glasses, lip balm and a very loud and annoying alarm clock!
MY FAVORITE ARTIST AND WHY: I love the work of Olivia. Her technique is amazing, and she makes the female body look beautiful. Salvador Dali is also one of my favorites.
I'M TOLD I LOOK LIKE: Michelle Pfeiffer, Jaime Pressly, B. Spears!
I'M A SUCKER FOR: Candy bowls. I grab all or a handful!
MY IDEAL FIRST DATE: Anything that involves being lazy!
Kimberly Holland
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