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Kimberly Phillips
Miss September 2009
Kimberly Phillips Datasheet
BIRTHPLACE: Fountain Valley, CA
HEIGHT: 5' 8"
WEIGHT: 125 lbs

About Kimberly Phillips
AMBITIONS: To finish my education, see the world, learn to fly and be successful & happy in life.
TURN-ONS: Confidence and individuality. I like to see the sweet side of a guy -- make me laugh & smile.
TURNOFFS: Lack of motivation, poor hygiene, rudeness, laggers, liars and egotists.
MY PHILOSOPHY OF LIFE: Stay positive! Everything happens for a reason. Life goes on.
WHO I LOOK UP TO AND WHY: My mom and my big sister. They are strong & beautiful women!
THE SONG I COULD DANCE TO FOREVER: "Don't Rock the Boat" by Bob Marley always gets me movin.'
RECIPE TO MY HEART: 2 cups ambition, ½ cup tenderness, a dash of humor, sprinkled with love.
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Kimberly Phillips
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