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Leola Bell
Miss February 2012
Leola Bell Datasheet
HEIGHT: 5' 4"
WEIGHT: 114 lbs

About Leola Bell
AMBITIONS: Everything from continuing my modeling career to using my Playmate status to open a cat shelter.
TURN-ONS: A guy who rocks a pumped-up chest and biceps and tops it all off with a beard or stache!
TURNOFFS: Spare me lazy dudes with lame work ethics, fat guts and bad breath. And take note, men: I have a neurotic obsession with clean bathrooms, so get out the Ajax.
MY SICK OBSESSION: PINK! No lie. I have pink everything--a pink phone, a pink purse, pink nail polish underwear.
MY BEST PHYSICAL FEATURE: I think it's my eyes, but people never seem to see them, because they are always staring at my breasts!
MY DREAM MAN: Edward Norton--it's that brooding thing.
KEY TO MY HEART: Lots of laughter, respect and good sex.
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Leola Bell
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