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Lindsey Gayle Evans
Miss October 2009
Lindsey Gayle Evans Datasheet
HEIGHT: 5' 10"
WEIGHT: 125 lbs

About Lindsey Gayle Evans
AMBITIONS: I want to be rich and famous, plain and simple -- a good old American sex symbol!
TURN-ONS: Super-sweet, smart and sexy men with goals, manners and money, and they've got to be FUNNY!
TURNOFFS: Controlling, judgmental and boring guys.
A SONG THAT DESCRIBES MY LIFE: From my fellow Louisianimal Britney Spears, "If U Seek Amy."
CELEBRITY CRUSH: Mmm...Shia LaBeouf!
SOMEONE I LOOK UP TO AND WHY: My mommy!! She has taught me how to live life to the fullest and always be the brightest shining star in the sky.
DREAM HOME: A Louisiana plantation home with a wraparound porch and lots of land and animals.
FAVORITE COLORS: Pink, pink, pink, yellow and pink!
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