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Pamela Horton
Miss October 2012
Pamela Horton Datasheet
Name: Pamela Horton
Measurements: 32C-22-35
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 110 lbs
Birthplace: Whittier, California

About Pamela Horton
Ambitions: To work for a well known video game company as a character designer. Acting wouldn't be bad :)
Turn-ons: A man (or woman :) ) with a strong physique who isn't afraid to hit the gym with me!!
Turnoffs: Guys who can't appreciate a person for who they are on the inside. Thanks for thinking I'm pretty, but this girl is looking for a real connection.
Feline Pals: I would not be able to survice without snuggles from my three cats, Moose, Squirrel and Turtle
My Confession: I am obsessed with MMOs! I love being known as every gamer guys dream. It makes me feel sexy!
My Favourite Artist: My father. He definitely has a unique vintage style. I learned from the very best!
My Hero: Freddie Mercury, the creative mastermind!
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Pamela Horton
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