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Sasha Bonilova
Miss May 2011
Sasha Bonilova Datasheet
BIRTHPLACE: Lytsk, Ukraine
HEIGHT: 5' 7"
WEIGHT: 127 lbs

About Sasha Bonilova
AMBITIONS: To be someone people look up to one day--Playmate of the Year would be great.
TURN-ONS: A manly man who is successful and happy in what he does! I want to learn from you.
TURNOFFS: Close-minded guys who see only black and white. You must understand that there is a gray area. And a red and a green. Be creative!
MY FIRST AMERICAN PALS: The cast of "Friends." I grew up with them just like you, but unlike you I heard them speaking Ukrainian.
MY FAVORITE WEAKNESS: A sensual body touch in an appropriate manner is the key to my private world.
WORDS TO LIVE BY: "It is not length of life but depth of life."--Ralph Waldo Emerson
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