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Scarlett Keegan
Miss September 2004
Scarlett Keegan Datasheet
BIRTHPLACE: Westlake Village, California
HEIGHT: 5' 5"
WEIGHT: 106 lbs

About Scarlett Keegan
AMBITIONS: To be a Bond girl, travel, have a successful business of my own and have a home and family.
TURN-ONS: Intelligence, wit, sincerity, soulful eyes, optimism, sensitivity.
TURNOFFS: Game playing, stinginess, cheesy pickup lines, laziness, poor hygiene.
FIVE MOVIES I WISH I WERE IN: Chocolat, Goldfinger, My Fair Lady, Gone in Sixty Seconds, Sleepy Hollow.
WHERE I LIVE: In a big country-style house on a couple of acres with a multitude of chickens and 4 adorable dogs.
MY STINT AS BARBIE: I was cast as Chelsie, one of the Generation Girl Barbie dolls; I had to dye my hair maroon and look like I knew how to handle a guitar.
Scarlett Keegan
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Scarlett Keegan Scarlett Keegan Scarlett Keegan Scarlett Keegan Scarlett Keegan
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