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Shawn Dillon
Miss February 2013
Shawn Dillon Datasheet
Name: Shawn Dillon
Bust: 34B-25-36
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 118 lbs
Birthplace: Sarasota, FL

About Shawn Dillon
Ambitions: To open a spa and develop my own skin care line. I'd like also to dip my toes into acting and hosting.
Turn-ons: Honest, adventurous guys who are passionate about life. A man who makes me feel safe and that everything will be okay.
Turnoffs: Rude, lazy, arrogant, closed-minded fmaily and animal hating jerks. Yep that about covers it :)
My Definition Of Sexy: A woman who is determined, independent adores her family and respects and cares for her body and health. I also think smiling is an extremely important part of a woman's sexiness.
My Must-Have: Music! I'm obsessed with Matisyahu and all reggae. On the flip side, I love the beats and lyrics of Lil Wayne.
How To Be My Valentine: Take the initiative and plan a night of romance with good food, great wine and LOTS of sweets.
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Shawn Dillon
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