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Sarah and Deisy Teles
Miss December 2003
Deisy and Sarah Teles Datasheet
BIRTHPLACE: Mu├žum - RS - Brazil
HEIGHT: 5'8"
WEIGHT: 124lbs

About Deisy and Sarah Teles
AMBITIONS: Finish my psychology course and be always healthy / study medicine.
TURN-ONS: A guy with nice eyes, back, smile, beautiful tan.
TURNOFFS: Guys who like to show off, who have a bad attitude, dirty shoes, dirty teeth.
JOBS WE HAD BEFORE WE WERE MODELS: Manicure, makeup stylist, clothing sales, secretary, singers in pizzerias.
EIGHT CDS WE CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT: Sade, Eric Clapton, U2, Eminem, Terra Samba, Ivete Sangalo, Milton Nascimento, Caetano Veloso.
FAVORITE FOODS: Rice, beans, steak, french fries, salad and at the end of the year for Christmas, a whole turkey!!
Sarah and Deisy Teles
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Sarah and Deisy Teles Sarah and Deisy Teles Sarah and Deisy Teles Sarah and Deisy Teles Sarah and Deisy Teles
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